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The new Christian Doctrine website is live.  All new content will be uploaded to the new site This site will now become a legacy site and all relevant content will be reviewed and uploaded to the new site.  We intend to include content from a wider range of authors and take the work of Bible Theology Ministries to a new level.

Let us know what you think of the new site, good or bad.

Thanks of your loyal support over the past 10 years.

The Beacon 144 - UK Election 2010 Prepare for the Secular Insurrection

Last Warning to Voters in UK Elections 2010 (PDF)
If you vote f
or any of the three main parties, then you are voting for your own obliteration. Labour is Marxist, Tories are Fascist, and LibDems are a mix of both! All three believe they can treat us with contempt, pretending to give us praise whilst ignoring our worst fears. None of them listens to voters. (Look how close our predictions were before the 2001 UK elections, note the predictions regarding homosexuality)

UK General Election 2010 - Vote for Politics or Reality?

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS ONLY ONE THING – HOMOSEXUAL LAWS! Everything else pales into the background. Why? Because if homosexual laws take away our freedom to speak and show our faith, everything else is pointless and anything we then say is useless.

Latest updates on Copenhagen Summit
If you want up to date commentary on the fraudulent green movement and the Copenhagen Summit, read Barry Napier's current articles in the Canada Free Press.  But only read them if you want the truth.

Also note that he has written three books against the environmental deception, plus a book critical of the Green Bible.'

Sign these petitions against the pseudo-science being used to support the Global Warming Agenda and the justification for a Marxist and Fascist One World Government.

The issue is not about 'saving the planet' but about governments giving us fake and or false information about climate change, the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment, etc. They are doing it to increase our taxes so that we cannot afford to live, to take away our ability to heat our homes and use cars, to ruin health, to destroy freedom of views and choice, and destroy the use of fossil fuels which, in scientific terms, do no harm; to remove CO2, which is vital to the continued life on earth; to kill off people in developing and poor countries; and to rule with the iron fist of Marxism and Fascism. This is what it is really all about! That is what the Copenhagen Summit is all about.

Please, do not just sign it yourself - get everyone to sign it, too - your spouse, your fiancé or girl/boy friend, your older sons and daughters, your in-laws, your cousins and friends, your school mates, your fellow students, your church members, everyone in your old age club or any other club. Everyone!

And send details to your local newspaper and radio or TV station. Pin details up on notice boards - I have done so in my local shops! Put them up in libraries and on bus shelters! Get word out fast. Then at least we will have tried.

And remember- this is nothing to do with religion, race, colour or creed - the issue affects everyone in the world. So, get word out to everyone. The links to sign the two petitions are:

"The Beacon 128 December 2008
New Year? Time for Hope; Oh to be so Trusting! New Green Book; Israel; Equality! Knights Templar; Flagged by EU; Which ‘Barry Napier’? Gay Bible; Ad Authority’s Godlessness; We Pay for Others to Be Richer! Subscription Time! EDITORS WANTED! Todd Bentley

The Beacon 126 October 2008
Obama – a WMD;
We are Hate-Filled! Complain About Green Ads; Immigrants Blamed for Crisis? Never Mind Sleaze! Sexualisation of Children; Booklet; The Green Bible; BBC – Guardian of Filth; Remember…Keeping the Flames Going?

Web site Updating in Progress
This website has been ‘resting’ for a year! We are now going to update so please stay with us.   Hopefully, content will increase greatly as a result, and will include weekly Bible studies and other materials.

For now, why not buy Dr Barry Napier’s book against global warming, ‘The Green Agenda’? It is 447 pages of hard-talking, scientifically-factual, truth. And it will shock you if you have swallowed the Green propaganda!   Click HERE for a chapter list.  (26th October 2008)

The Beacon 125 September 2008
Banks – The Screw Turns, Go on – Prove it! Hugo Grotius, Small Local Churches, New Book Published, Internet Request, A Roman Catholic Myth…, McDonalds See Sense, And what about…, Muslims Get Preference, Church Evil, Living Wills – Disguised Suicide, UN Muslim, Hatred of Israel, A Godless Bible Version

The Beacon 112 July/August 2007
Potter a Type of Christ? Truth Emerges, Myanmar, Global Warming Falsity, Extra News, Eco-Terrorists? Big Car Fight, Untruths Breed Lies, Youth Boredom, Articles for Sale? Nope! Try Reading Properly, Hypocrisy is Brown, Another Blow!

 By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Reporter Thu, Jul. 05 2007 07:11 AM ET

 Young Gay America Magazine is on hiatus. Its founding editor has left the magazine and gay activism and has now publicly announced that he's been "healed."

The Beacon 109 April 2007
…on Revival, Demand Explanations, Voting for Good, Relevancy in Witness, Two-Faced Morality, Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) = BAD LAW, Goldilocks, Immigrants, The Pastor’s Wife, Random Notes.

Marxist Subversion & Perversion of America’s Youth
A short article by Linda Kimball

Government Cannot be Obeyed when Acting Against God
There is much misunderstanding about ‘giving unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar’. We will deal with this more fully in Beacon No. 106. Meanwhile, we have to deal with the infamous Sexual Orientation Regulations Act 2006.  The SORs were written by a government department in consultation with gays. No-one else was involved. The result is a foul piece of proposed legislation, deliberately designed to cripple and destroy Christian witness (and anyone with religious belief, including Muslims… who have already been attacked for wearing veils). This is not only about Christian witness, but about the freedom of conscience of all who are repulsed by gay activities… and that goes for the majority of the population. We must stand against SOR, because it is against God’s laws. No Christian can accept it as it is. The SOR itself is useless and need not have been written in the first place. A simple line or two would have sufficed… ‘no person should be discriminated against without good reason’. (For example, a paedophile cannot have a job with children). We cannot obey government when it acts against God and against our consciences. The SOR is being foisted on all of society to enable those with a perverse lifestyle to do whatever they wish and to force that upon us all. It will not happen! No Christian can accept or obey this law. It is not only godless, but it is also against Human Rights law. Oppose the SOR. Write to your MP. DO IT NOW! Not just about SOR in Northern Ireland, but about SOR throughout the UK. This vile proposal has already been used by gays to force people out of work. Let it become law and gays will use it mercilessly to abuse and persecute Christians for the slightest, or no, reason. We have a copy of Dr Rob Martyn’s book, ‘Exploding the Gay Myth’. It contains a huge amount of facts, the actual TRUTH about gay propaganda and lies. If government continues to put SOR into place after reading these facts, then they prove themselves to be intolerant of science and medical evidences, but bed-fellows with gay activists and liars. If you want a PDF document as an email attachment, send a request to us NOW at . FIGHT SOR AND EVERY OTHER PIECE OF PRO-GAY LAW, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL BASED ON LIES AND FAKE EVIDENCES.

Petition the UK Government to stop the Sexual Orientation Regualtions 2006 becoming law in Northern Ireland
Here is the link to the official 10 Downing Street Web site where you can sign and e-Petition the government to delay the introduction of the Sexual Orientation Regulations (NI) Act 2006, which will soon become law not just in Northern Ireland but across the UK.  All Christians are duty bound by scripture  to oppose this legislation.  Click here to sign-up now.

At last, Joe and Helen Roberts have had justice!

The retired couple complained to their local council because they supplied pro-gay leaflets etc., at local tax-payers’ expense. So, they were visited last year by police and grilled for 80 minutes, because the council’s ‘diversity’ officer contacted them! How brave.

Now, police admit they were wrong and have had to pay massive sums. The £10,000 given to the couple as compensation is being given to a charity, but tax payers again have to foot the bill (excuse the pun).

The meddling ‘diversity’ officer for their council ought to be sacked! Indeed, ALL ‘diversity’ officers ought to be dismissed. The police are now reviewing their policies on so-called ‘homophobia’, and rightly so!

We have ourselves been hounded by gays, and know just how stupid they can be. We can say that if this Roberts case has been resolved back in 2005, certain of our wicked accusers would be taken to court and sued. As it is, they have escaped justice. But, they know who they are, and know they are guilty.

This legal win is superb. So, gays can get off our backs or be sued! They have no real case and their lifestyles are not conducive to the well-being of society. It is now about time for all Christians accused and attacked for refusing the gay lifestyle, to fight back. Sue gays and pro-gays who oppose Christianity until the message gets home.

Christians are not prone to do this kind of thing, so they are easy targets (as our Founder discovered). But, the time has now come to stop the vile gay onslaught on society, not out of vengeance, but for the sake of the Gospel. And, why not give any compensation to a Christian group that opposes homosexuality, eh?

And remember – it is the government that has made all this stupidity possible. It is about time they were voted out. If you think this talk is tough, try reading how king David would have responded to such vicious propaganda. Unlike leaders of our day, he was no wimp.

The Beacon 104 November 2006
Bad Government, Warped Values, Our Gutless Society, Crucifixion, Creation Versus Lies, Fat Cats on our Taxes, M.E., Hands Off Christmas! May You Know Peace

The Gay Agenda: Sexual Orientation Regulations. ACT NOW!
The Sexual Orientation Regulations 2003 (SOR) and proposals covering Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Provision of Goods & Services, will not now be put into place until April 2007. Christians now have an opportunity to do something! You have until next year to speak your minds and to attempt to change things. If SOR is implemented with gay amendments it will change life dramatically and make it illegal for you to preach, and to even think anything against homosexuality.

The Gay Agenda: Wal-Mart (ASDA) and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)
Wal-Mart rewards people for being gay.
Gays reward Wal-Mart for being their puppets.
Don’t you think it is about time we rewarded Wal-Mart (ASDA in UK)?

The Gay Agenda: Justice at Last
The Gay Police Association (GPA) got at least some of what it deserved from the Advertising Standards Authority, who upheld three out of five complaints for an advertisement placed in the Independent Newspaper's Diversity supplement.

The Beacon 102 September 2006
This Watered-Down World! Deliberate Deception; I’ll Shoot Myself, Thanks! Governments Fawn Over Evil; Hungary for Truth; PC Government Again! And… Fell Down the Stairs? Told You! Win Your Kids Back! A Veiled Government Intrusion! No Comparison

The Gay Agenda: Gay Puppets at Work!

Many employers are now nothing but gay puppets! They do whatever gays want, including ordering ordinary workers to do what is against their beliefs and feelings.

Firefighters in Strathclyde, Scotland, were recently disciplined by their employer for not handing out leaflets at a so-called gay-pride parade!

Of course, like many others, Strathclyde firemen unfortunately have a ‘diversity manager’ who made very sure the men were hauled before their bosses. And for what? For refusing to be used like idiots in a cause whose only virtue is sexual lust!

These men, whose job is to fight fires and save lives, were wanted by local gays. The gays had planned to have a ‘kiss a fireman’ time, and to have the firemen march with them… to be pounced on by gays.

Naturally, these men didn’t want that. They also remember gays crawling all over their fire engines at previous events, messing about with vital equipment and putting on helmets, etc., for fun. As always, gays in a crowd are like out of control children!

The gays also wanted firemen to be seen alongside them, as a kind of marketing ploy. No wonder the men wanted nothing to do with it!

I think it is pertinent to ask, “Who the devil do you think you are, diversity manager for Strathclyde?” Now gays have got what they want - their ‘rights’- we can see how things are going. So far gays are following the ‘gay agenda’ to the letter. It goes far beyond getting ‘rights’. The next step is to remove any rights everyone else has. Then they will bring in the really awful stuff… and it truly is awful.

How can employers get away with disciplining innocent workers, whose only ‘crime’ is not to want to be used like pawns in the gay game? Why should employers get away with it? Homosexuality is all about lust and sex. Nothing else. Firefighters are paid for by local rates and taxes, to fight fires. Not to support gay sex games like ‘pride’ parades, and to be humiliated by both gays and employer alike!

This kind of garbage will continue and get far worse. Already, other employers, with brains the size of petite pois, have done immense damage to innocent workers, forcing them out of work, or sacking them. How far are we willing to allow gays to go? It has to stop right now. YOU could be the next victim. Homosexuality has nothing to commend it, so why support it? A groundswell of popular opinion has to begin right away. (Source: British Church Newspaper, No 96).

The Beacon 98 April 2006
Driven to the Wall; Get Rid of PC! From an Earlier Time; The ‘Hah-Hah’ Da Vinci Code; ‘Vinci De-Coded’; Note from Ed. re Blog Sites; Hidden Truths; In Addition…; Christian Travel Site; Playground Stuff; When good men stay silent evil proliferates

The Beacon 99 May 2006
Self-burial, Is It Really Global Warming? Give Blame, Not Platitudes! Talking of Which…, Hannibal, Even so…, A Degree of Gullibility, Sunday Studies

The Beacon 97 March 2006
‘Healing Scarves’, As in OT times, The Extreme Kind, And More U.S. Stupidity, Leopards…, More Literature, The Enemy Within, Blair the Ignorant & Dangerous, Not Possible

The Beacon 96 January and February 2006
A Better Alternative, Internet Safety for Youngsters, The Elijah List, Why So Late? Post Box, PayPal Donations, Labouring Under Labour, Turning a Deaf Ear.., “a normal family”? We Were Right! Why? The Dilemma, Dublin Riots, Political Correctness, High Cholesterol? Oh Dear…, How To Become a Fool, From the 19th Century

The Beacon 95 December 2005
Political Correctness; The Gay Horse! Gay Agenda; Exploding Chestnuts; Warning…; Thanks! Why Won’t I Just Shut Up? Naughty Gene; Catholicism; New Book Out; Think You’ve Got Problems? One-Way Freedom…

The Beacon 94 November 2005
Happy Holiday; Rome’s Murmurings; Gays; Arminianism; Gay Couples Not Equal; Why?; Christian Joy; Sorcha Faal; Islam; Narnia; Subscriptions; Are Our Police Being Straight with Us?; A Reverse Case; Guess!; Meanwhile…; Livingstone Hypocrisy

Are you ex-gay or ex-lesbian? Please send your story to us immediately. Complete confidentiality. This is an important project, so please help.

Are our police being straight with us?
Why are UK police officers being used to forward the gay agenda?

The Beacon 93 September/October 2005
EU Support of Evils; AIDS & TB; “Refrain from these men…”; Turkey and the EU; Living as Christians Costs $1200! Rome, Islam and Philosophy; Get a Stake in the Elijah List; USA Starts it – UK Next? And the Same for Evolution…

Lesbians Can Change Back to Normality
A short article that cuts through popular gay propaganda showing that being a lesbian is an  unnatural choice.

Today, it is not politically correct to have your own views. This is very apparent when expressing non-violent views about 'minorities'... in particular, 'gays'. Gay propaganda is, without doubt, hatred in action. In true fascist style, gays will attempt to remove a person's livelihood, character, home and even life, when anyone dares to speak out against their chosen lifestyle. (We will soon give a current example of this viciousness).

In this Web site, readers will not find hatred toward gays, or an instigation to hatred. Some of our arguments are polemical; that is, strongly worded. A polemical approach is sometimes needed when matters are getting out of hand - and gay power is certainly doing that. But, remove the polemic and you will find a hard-core of factual truth, supporting the reasons for our opposition to the gay lifestyle.

Click on our latest 18,000 word referenced article "Homosexuals are Heterophobic Review, 2005" (released in WORD format for immediate release) or look at the topic listing "Homosexuality/AIDS" to see what I mean. The article gives the most up-to-date information on homosexuality. Very clearly, you will see that homosexuality is a personal choice of a sex object. It also shows that homosexuality is unhealthy - for society as well as for the individual. Most of the information is given by non-Christians and even by gays themselves!

Gays are now our modern thought-police. Rather than lose their spurious claims to normality and acceptability, they will invoke legal action against anyone they think they can bully; they will get people to lose their jobs and income, their home and good character. And some - as this writer knows - are also willing to threaten or kill. Is this a sign of their good-will or good argument? Of course not - it is just a sign of their heterophobia!

Letter to Homosexuals from an ex-Homosexual
An ex-Italian homosexual gives his testimony on how he became a homosexual and his journey to salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and peace with God.  This article clear shows that homosexuality is a sinful choice and not a biological fact.

The Beacon 92 August 2005
Where is it Now? Harry Potter; Truth Needed! Insanity Rules; Why? The Gay Scene


The Muslim terrorist problem has nothing to do with Iraq or any other country. It is about murderers wanting their own way! In the UK we must not ask Muslims what they want in order to stop killing. They must simply be stopped, no matter how long it takes. Only fools think talking to an enemy will stop his evil. It is about time the death penalty was brought back...swift trial and swift punishment. Not just for terrorists but for any who kill wantonly.

Young Muslims in the UK kill because they are sinners. They follow a "holy book" that allows them to murder. We thank the (true) God, Jehovah, for His mercy on the UK by keeping most Muslims under His control and living in peace. But, we must also do whatever is necessary to keep that peace. Negotiating with Islam is not the answer...Muslims must live by our laws or be deported! Maybe if they lived under Sharia law they would feel rather differently. France has got it right - they are deporting Muslim fanatics who preach hatred. But, Tony Blair hasn't got the courage to face up to the EU and its evil 'human rights' laws! He prefers to keep fanatics here, encouraging others to kill and maim Blair's own countrymen. Do not be fooled by the claims of Islamic terrorists - they simply want power and hatred...the actual country they are in, and circumstances, make no difference. This all goes back to the early days of Yasser Arafat, who brought Islamic fanaticism to fruition and kept it fuelled by using Israel as a scapegoat. Though dead, his evil ways go on...don't let his violent children win. Know the truth and don't negotiate with Islam!

UK Muslims are free. But they must obey our laws to keep that freedom. If they do, they can count on me as their neighbour and fellow citizen, and any help I can give, to maintain peace. But, don't claim special privileges for Islam, or special laws. Let us all live in peace, recognising that Christians have a right under God to preach against Islam (with words, not violence or racism or insult). Likewise, Muslims may teach against the 'people of the Book'...peacefully. I have Asian and black friends...and I want to keep that friendship, agreeing to disagree on our different beliefs, and allowing each other to give our testimony, without blowing each other up!

Does Baptism Save?
A short but strong rebuttal that shows the Bible states that Baptism does NOT save.

Hell is Forever
A short Bible study on the doctrine of everlasting hell.

The Beacon 91 June and July 2005
7 / 7; Koranic Violence; The Lie of Universalism; Gypsy Serenade…; Another Government Folly; Children at Risk; Foreign Doctors; Odd, eh?; Asylum; Blair and Islam; Also…; Meanwhile…; Why?; The Cost of Fame; Do Not Forget…; Homeless Deception; Be Careful; UK Judges are Nuts!; Rights…again! ; A Reminder


An open letter to Muslim leaders, with an invitation to respond.

Statements made by leading UK Muslims following the recent bombings in London sound good...but they need clarification.

Constantly, Muslims say that Islam is non-violent. Why, then, do Islamic countries repress Christian preaching and oppress those who respond to it? Why are Christians oppressed and denied basic freedom of speech?

Also, in recent statements in the UK, Muslims claim that Islam does not demand the killing of 'innocents'. I am surprised that the government and other observers have not questioned you on this...for the statement implies that some are NOT 'innocent'. Can you define what you mean?

Do you think that some are not innocent, and can therefore be killed?

I want to see Muslims and Christians living side by side in peace - but Islamic countries do not promise such peace, only repression and suppression.

You are demanding more and more protection for your religion in the UK, yet Islam does not offer the same freedom to others. A local market stall has stopped selling tea-towels with prints of cows and pigs on them, because the local Muslims have been 'offended'!! This is active repression!

There is a 'Muslim parliament' me, this is subversive and could become treasonous. Why concoct such a gathering, when we already have a legitimate parliament?

There are far too many unanswered questions concerning the aims and objectives of Islam in the UK! The Koran contains explicit instructions to kill certain groups - this is why you have attempted to get the Koran exempted from the Religious Hatred Bill.

Many of you are determined to live in isolation from the UK, by buying up properties and businesses that are turned into Islam-only areas. Why? When Jamaicans and others arrived in the UK back in the 1950's they integrated...but modern Muslims try to make themselves into mini-Islamic states within the UK.

It is known that large mosques are built in order to proclaim the superiority of Islam and to show that Islam wishes to take over a town or city. These are the aims declared by Islamic leaders in the Middle East.

Will you now declare that the Muslim bombers are no longer Muslim? That is, will you excommunicate all who practice or threaten violence? Will you tell them that they will never reach heaven if they kill? And, right now, will you tell us who is NOT 'innocent'?

Responses to

Islam is NOT a religion of peace
Like 9/11 the events  of 7/7 in London show the true face of Islam.   Also see  Muslim Forum November 2001

Alpherisms News April 2005
Critical commentary on the false gospel of the Alpha Course

BTM News for May 2005

The Beacon 90 May 2005
What is the Gospel? Oh well…; Seidr; Blind Beliefs; Oh Yeah! Thuggery as a Way of Life;  A Pint and a Vocation, Please; Causing Divisions; EU Rules, Like it Or Not! Duplicity; Catholics Turning? The Cause of Crime

Roman Catholic News April 2005
Grand Deceptions! The Bent Cross; Priests are ‘another Christ’ ;Yes, it Continues…

The Beacon 89 April 2005
M.R.S.A.; Aquinas Articles; The Other side; Roy Clements; The Jesuit Oath; Tinkers…; K Muslim Terror; But…

The Beacon 88 March 2005
When Evil is Praised; BTM Publications; Did You Know…;Aquinas…; Did you know…; Why So Secret? Politics; Christians? Rowan Against the Tide of Scripture; Russian Threats; Failed! The USA Experience; True! The Elijah List…; Easy Come, Easy Go

Good at Guessing
Scenarios describing the lives of Christians and Unbelievers; can you identify who is saved?

Evangelical Quakers - are they Christians?
A short apology on why Quakers are not Christians even though they use similar words

Valentines Day
A short historical overview of the origins of modern Valentines Day.

Roman Catholic News February 2005
Witness to Christ? Politics and Rome;  Papal Blasphemy; Not Arminian? From His Hospital Bed…; New Bishops; A Misconception; Rome and the UN; Christ in Everyone? Peter or Christ? Thrones and Things…; The Roman Curia; The Swiss Guard

The Beacon 87 February 2005
Satan’s Helper; Lock Them Up; The Benefits of Being Evil; Swirling Does It! Asylum…; Red Faced…; Good Point!; Get Him Out; Neurotics; A Favourite Whipping-Boy! Oh well…; Interesting; Another Elijah List Deception; Germany Brands Blair a liar; A Sad Mistake; The Value of Life

Azusa Street – the birth of a lie
Proof that Pentecostalism and charismaticism are rooted in the occult.

The Beacon 86 January 2005
20 Years! BTM’s Anniversary Year; The Jerry Springer Opera; Tsunami Millions? Quaker Anger; Faith That is No Faith; Genesis 1; A Disaster Won’t Do It! Asylum; Gay Month; Iraq and Terror; Stem Cell Research; The Extent of Deception; Rowan’s Ineptitude, Again! China – At It Again; And in India… Sneaky Labour; Terror Supporters; Guantanamo Four; Northern Ireland Two; Why? More Labour Folly; Witchcraft is Real; Legal Dirty Tricks

Alpharisms December 2004
Good News; God’s Managers? Our Sad, Theologically-Challenged, Sinful, Archbishop! Rev. F.; The Constant Theme; BBC Report; I Think… ; Telegraph; Call Finding God? Sandy Millar; Finally

The Beacon 85 December 2004
A New Year; Subscription Time; The Second BTM Site; Asylum Seekers & Tinkers; Gay Partnerships; The Tsunami; Our Young – Beware; Help Me To Die, Please; Rise of Gay Evil

When Prayer is a Crutch
A call to pray without ceasing and to stop the unbiblical practice of invented prayer times and prayer meetings.

False Prayer
False prayer is a prayer uttered by a saved person without being prompted to pray...

Roman Catholic News October 2004
Satanism in the Vatican; Talking of Which…; A False Jesus; What Assumption?! Mother of Mercy! Papal Ignorance; Is the Pope Catholic? True Charity? The Path of Anglicans

"Hi There" October 2004
A personal message from Barry Napier

The Beacon 84 November 2004
Gloom and Doom? Gay Police Try it Again! Travellers The Human Hobbit? Arafat…an Interesting Story; The Passion of the Christ Truths About Alpha; EU Students ; Prayer;  Muslim – Yes; Christian? No! Labour is Labouring! Proof Available; Maxine Carr; The Prince & Paupers; Governmental Thuggery; Who Benefits? Watch This Quango; The Elijah List; False Blair; On Truth…

The Passion of the Christ - The Truth About the Film
This article exposes the film and Mel Gibson's true purpose

The Beacon 83 October 2004
Free-for-All; Scripture Is Against Charismaticism; Blair’s Catholicism; Music, Sex and Death; We’ve Said it Before! Her Enjoyment – Our Money; Why You Can’t Have Your Operation; Copeland’s Lies; EU Fascism; False Prophets – But Who Cares? EU Funding of Terror; A Labour of Love (for money!); Babies Galore

Roman Catholic News May 2004
Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Wrong Way Round, The Mary Myth, Suffering Not Always Godly, Rome Encourages Revolution, Rome Concentrates on Death. Sad Facts, New Age Consultation, Inquisition Thoughts, Please Remember…

Roman Catholic News May 2003
Turning the Tables? Another Newman? Ecumenism Broadens Its Scope “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones…” Mess of Mass Not On Our Turf! Ah well… Why?? Dementia in Rome? EU Not Catholic Lackey?

The Beacon 82 September 2004
Instant Babies; ‘The Left Boot of Fellowship’ by Barry Napier; And a Report on Alpha…; Muslim Support for Bush; Cartoon Posters; Real Humour; Tolerance for Sin; Our Youngsters; Asylum…; Maxine Carr; More EU Meddling; My Failure; The British Council (?) EU…Again; British Muslims; On the Streets

The Jesuit Oath  & The Cardinals Oath
The Jesuit Oath is a copy of the authentic oath taken by cardinals, who occupy some of the highest ranks within the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

The Beacon 81 August 2004
Save…er…Everything? Just a Sigh… We Can Get it Wrong; Stop & Search; The Elijah List; By the way…; Young & Foolish; The Decline of Litrusy; Boscastle Disaster; Schism? Good! Why? What a Farce; Islamic Thuggery; Latest…

The Beacon 80 July 2004
Watch Out – More Scams! Book Now Available; Roy Clements; Animal Rights & Paganism; Palestine; Interesting! Criminals; Thank you…; AIDS; Watch Out UK! Dead-Easy! C of E

The Beacon 79 June 2004
Intelligent Design Just One Makes a Difference! The Arrogance of Heretics, Misreporting Calvin, The Asylum Saga, Gay Pride, Did You Know…..? Good Stuff! Nigerian Muslims Show the Way… Meanwhile, Back in Iraq…

The Beacon 78 May 2004
Hinn the Heinous, Meanwhile…, Bowing to Islam, Sniggers Justified! Blair – Friend of Islam, DNA Pseudo-Science, Africa’s Garbage, Israel, Heresy = Charismaticism, The Ring Goes Round…, The Evil in Iraq, Even Russia Agrees! Death Penalty Needed, Our Local Pharmacy…, Priestly Breeding

Uploads before April 2004

"Who are Bible Theology Ministries"

Our work is apologetic – defending scripture.  To do this, we must critically assess what happens both inside and outside the churches.  That is why, of necessity, a lot of our work is ‘critical’.  This does not bother us one bit – because at least three-quarters of scripture is critical and ‘negative’!  You can’t build the positive until the dross has been cleared away.

If you want to pigeon-hole us, the closest label might be ‘Calvinist’ and ‘Calvinism’, because we teach election, predestination, grace and true Protestant doctrine. We are not just ‘Reformed’, but we are continually reforming, as scripture demands. Thus, any Bible study we produce is dynamic and challenging, as we teach a real, authentic faith.

All content is FREE and  is grouped by Topics, which  are listed on the left hand side link Index of Topics.  A diverse range of subjects are covered under each Topic, so there should be something of interest for everyone.

Are you up for it? Then read the stuff and walk the Walk!

The "Left Boot of Fellowship" - how people are forced out of churches

Cover of book entitled 'The Left Boot of Fellowship', showing a minister greeting one person and kicking out with his left foot anotherBarry Napier is the author of nearly all the articles on the Christian Doctrine Web site. His latest book "The Left Boot of Fellowship" presents a Biblical model on the taboo subject of Christian disfellowship - something that happens a lot  in Churches, but without the framework of Christian principles and true Christian love for the person being disciplined.

Written in Barry's usual direct and plain speaking style, he takes both a historical and biblical perspective on the subject sorting out what is tradition and what are the clear biblical teachings on how to deal with Christians who wilfully choose to reject following the Way of Christ.  The text is based on the thesis Barry submitted to be awarded his PhD in theology; the PhD examiner commented in his report that this was a work that should be read by every Pastor.

Buy Barry's book "The Left Boot of Fellowship" now from


Buy Barry's book "The Left Boot of Fellowship" now from

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